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Support the Writer


It’s so difficult to start posts like this without sounding like a used car salesman. On one hand, thousands of artists take this step every day and it’s really not a big deal. On the other hand, who am I to ask for support from followers? The answer is, of course, this: I’m an artist. An artist who needs to eat.

I’m technically unemployed, though I’ve recently broken into freelance writing to eventually provide some supplemental income for The Fiancee and I to put food on the table. I am currently working on three projects that will provide content to followers between full-fledged novels:

  • Twelve - An episodic Doctor Who fic where Twelve is a woman and her companion is a lesbian housewife from the ’50s. A ‘this is how I would do a season of Doctor Who’ type of project. The first episode is currently underway. Action/Adventure.
  • The Pizza Place - An original series about the inner workings of a major pizza chain and the various employees who suffer work there. Comedy/Drama.
  • The CommentaryI comb through every episode of Star Trek TOS to take apart the evidence that suggests Kirk/Spock was essentially canon and am ridiculous about everything else. Meta/Comedy.**I’ve set my Sundays aside for the foreseeable future in order to (FINALLY) complete this years-long project.

I’m doing this because I love it. I love writing, I love fandom, I love Doctor Who, I love Star Trek. But I also need to eat, and this is not just a hobby for me. This is the ground floor of my career with some fandom projects on the side.

Today, I added a Donate button at the bottom of this blog. If you’ve enjoyed Veridia, The Ship’s Closet, The Commentary, or just want to help an indie writer in the beginning of her career, I would greatly appreciate the financial help. Any amount will help me fix my car, get my driver’s license back, and lift some of the financial burden off The (Great and Infinitely Generous) Fiancee. 

Thank you so, so much.

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First I'd like to say: You got me into K/S and slash in general and you're made of awesome. Second, I just convinced my sister of the pairing. I have recruited one for the team! Thank you so much for everything.
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fic prompt kirk complaining about having a sore back to spock and then a yeoman starts to rub but kirk thinks its spock 

actually thats actual canon nvm

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Help Out an Indie Author


Hey guys! When it comes to self-publishing, existing reviews are crucial to gaining more exposure. How many reviews a book has on Amazon is one of the main things that makes a new reader more inclined to buy the book.

I know, it’s kind of a chicken/egg debacle. If a book has reviews then people have read it, but they won’t read it if it doesn’t have reviews? It’s just one of those mysteries.


To help my book, Veridia, get off the ground, I’m making an offer public that used to be semi-private: Get the book for free, leave a review on Amazon. It’s that simple! This arrangement is ideally for those who can’t afford to purchase the book (I am, ironically, one of those people, hence why I made the deal in the first place), and that sentiment still applies. I’m just making the offer more well known and open to everyone without them having to ask. 

If you’re interested, drop me a message with your email and I’ll send the book as an attachment the second I get it. 

This is a deal for honest reviews. You are in no way obligated to leave a positive review no matter what you think of the book, and I would never try to ‘buy’ reviews from you guys.

Every review is vital at this stage, please help or reblog if you can!


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Brittany Diamond on Twitter

Gonna see what this whole ‘Twitter’ thing is all about. Follow for…I don’t even know what.
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Leyna Alpern, an ivy league student suffering from hallucinations and chronic depression, is dragged into an impossible realm by an entity who wants to consume her soul. With the help of living representations of her survival instinct, a good friend she screwed over in the past, and others, she may be able to survive the insanity of Veridia and take down its creator. Maybe. 

Available for download at:



*If neither site offers a format that works for you, contact me and we’ll get you set up.

**If you are not in a position to buy this book, please contact me for an alternative.

***This work contains depictions of depression, self-harm, scenes of graphic violence, and one occurrence of non-consensual groping. If you stand a chance of being triggered, please tread carefully or do not read.

****The editor, Alana Mancuso is currently the only listed contributor, but I’m working to correct the info so that it lists Brittany Diamond as the author.  

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Guess who this nerd is staring at.

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I just wondered if you've recently watched "return to tomorrow" from Season 2 because it is NOW MY TOTAL FAVORITE THERE'S A DAME OF THE HOUR BUT SHE'S NOT AND SHE'S WITH KIRK BUT SHE'S NOT AND COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF JEALOUS SPOCK AND SLASH UGH
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I haven’t watched it recently, to the point where I had completely forgotten all of this djskldjklf

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I love you sosososososo much :) you don't understand. Your videos make me sooo happy! You provide so much evidence and I just - it's so perfect. :)
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